Are you ready for the LIBOR transition in Taiwan?

Finastra and PwC have come together to share insights into how to ensure a seamless transition for your treasury and/or lending functions in Taiwan

Are you ready for the LIBOR transition in Taiwan?

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Are you ready for the LIBOR transition in Taiwan?

Do you know how the transition from LIBOR will impact your business?
What is considered best practice in conducting the changeover?
Do you have a defined strategy in place?
The London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) is being phased out by the close of 2021. Taiwanese banks hold the second highest value of LIBOR-based loans in Asia Pacific, circa $19.2 billion of dollar loans* that mature beyond this date. This is behind China but ahead of Japan.

We will cover the following topics during the one-hour webinar, with a Q&A session at the end.

LIBOR Transition Approaches to Adopt for Taiwanese Banks
What is LIBOR transition and how does it affect your business

  • LIBOR transition background in brief and latest progress update
  • Impact on financial institutions in Taiwan
  • Suggested approaches to adopt - the 8 phases of the LIBOR transition project

Implications for Treasury functions
What’s changing for the treasury function

  • Overview of the Risk-Free Rate (RFR)
  • Insights into RFR instruments and curve construction

What you need to do to prepare for the transition

  • Understand the fallback for cash and derivatives markets
  • Best practice in portfolio simulation & migration

The Material Impact on the Lending sector
What’s changing for the lending sector

  • Identify the challenges and impact of the transition
  • Considerations around operational LIBOR rate processing

How can you assess whether your current systems will be able to support the transition

  • Examples of transition paths for your lending operations

What key challenges should I be thinking about

  • How to leverage technology through the transition to support optimal loan servicing

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