African Continental Free Trade Agreement: Driving African competitiveness on the global stage

From corporate treasurers, to banks, the implications of a fully utilised free trade agreement across Africa could lead to tomorrow's biggest opportunities, but are you ready today?

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The African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) presents huge opportunity as one of the world's largest trading blocs by number of member countries (54). The real income gains from full implementation of the agreement could increase by 7 percent, or nearly US$450 billion (World Bank), largely driven by the eventual access to a tariff-free, unified market.
As businesses look to take advantage of the agreement and expand their customer base, African nations will continue to evolve their transportation and trading networks. Banks & financial institutions who can support new and increasing intra-African trade will be helping to increase Africa's competitiveness on the global stage.

In this webinar with Connect Global, our panel of experts will discuss:
The priorities for corporate treasurers, how they will take advantage of the free trade agreement.

Some of the challenges that corporates and banks will face as a result of increased trade, then how new digital solutions can play a part as the market progresses.

What technologies the banks are looking at in order to support corporates’ needs, and how ready banks are to adapt to these needs and support trade.

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