Abrigo and Finastra: Working together to provide world-class lending services

Learn how the deep integration between Abrigo Community Lending and Finastra’s LaserPro loan documentation platform helps community financial institutions make smarter, faster loan decisions.

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With the LaserPro Cloud Connect API from Finastra and Abrigo’s lending solution, financial institutions will be much better positioned to offer same-day loan approvals and disclosures empowering them to stay ahead of the competition.

Delivering faster, automated, and more accurate loan origination and loan documentation processes, the new API will help financial institutions process a higher volume of lending requests and significantly reduce time-to-money.

Join us for this webinar where subject matter experts from Abrigo and Finastra will show you how the connected solutions:

  • Be set up quickly and easily
  • Help you stay compliant with reports and dashboards
  • Reduce manual work and save time

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