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Join us at the LMA Syndicated Loans Conference

United Kingdom

The LMA Syndicated Loans Conference provides the perfect opportunity to discuss the industry challenges and identify, together, possible solutions and the best way to move forward. This conference is the flagship event for the syndicated loan market in EMEA.

Digital Transformation

In the past year, much of the syndicated loan market has been tested by multiple challenges. These have largely not gone away and will likely remain in the year ahead. A combination of geopolitical tensions, trade wars and supplier stress, inflation pressures and rising interest rates are factors creating a challenging economic climate in many markets and impacting loan market activity. However, experience tells us the loan market has successfully worked through many credit cycles, demonstrated its resilience, its ability to find a level, to innovate and be creative. It may be tough but the relationship nature of the product helps cultivate stability and growth, allowing green shoots to appear whenever the credit climate permits inspiring recovery and renewal.

Against this backdrop, the LMA has continued to nurture new initiatives, whether as part of its expanding green agenda, engaging with new investors or markets, its extensive events and training programme, exploring new technology or the broader advocacy role for the loan market to ensure the environment remains conducive to the provision of credit and liquidity, so promoting wider economic growth.

The conference will be hybrid, combining the benefits of an onsite physical event, with all the networking opportunities this delivers, with that of a virtual event and the ability to reach a much larger global audience. The conference will be held in London at the QEII Conference Centre, but also streamed live at the same time to our members around the world who are not able to travel."