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Finastra Game Changer Program


How do I earn Game Changer reward points?

Program members earn points every time they act as a reference or participate in joint marketing efforts with Finastra. If you take part in response to a direct request from the Game Changer program, we’ll automatically add points to your account. If a Finastra representative asks you to be a reference or to help with a marketing initiative, be sure to let them know you’re on the Game Changer program and would like your points.

Can I control which Finastra Community Markets solutions I will be contacted about?

Yes. During the registration process, we will ask you to identify which Finastra Community Markets solutions you’re willing to recommend to other financial institutions. If you ever want to change this information, just email us at

Do points belong to my organization or me?

They belong to your organization. So if you leave, the points stay there and can be redeemed by a new contact.

Can I control how often I am contacted?

Yes. Please contact us at to set your preference.

How do I know how many points I have?

Just email for an update.

How do I redeem points?

Send a copy of any unpaid Finastra invoice(s) to and tell us that you would like to redeem your points against it. We’ll apply your points to the invoice and issue a new one with the updated amount due.

What can my points be used for?

You can use your points to help pay for any outstanding Finastra invoice, including for Finastra events.

What is the purpose of the surveys?

They help us to understand how our solutions help people succeed. We ask you to complete them as a condition of participation in the Game Changer program.

How do I participate with Finastra in joint marketing?

To work with us to create marketing assets that share your experience with our products, email us at

How do I cancel my membership in the Finastra Game Changer program?

Let us know if you need a break or if there’s anything else we can do to keep you in the program. Otherwise, you can leave Game Changer at any time by simply emailing us at

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