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Finastra is ready and OPEN4INCLUSION

Written by Open4Inclusion at Finastra
Finastra is ready and OPEN4INCLUSION

“On the right track”, “Improving”, “Mindful” and “Responsible” are just some of the words describing how we are working towards our goal of being the “Most loved, Inclusive and diverse employer in Fintech.” Finastra is a global company with rich and diverse cultures.  We span the Americas, Asian Pacific, Europe and the Middle East, and whilst there are common themes in terms of working towards the same goals, we also know there are also differences.

Last week, Simon Paris, CEO of Finastra, Sharon Doherty, Chief People and Places Officer and Akber Jaffer, Chief Commercial Offer, met with a small group of employees from ethnic minority groups to host a Cultural and Quality listening session.  The primary objective was to hear a global view on what it’s like to be an employee from an ethnic minority group inside Finastra.

This session was very powerful where an honest, open and safe environment was created which allowed people to share their personal stories – warts and all.  People spoke up for themselves and shared collective themes from other colleagues.  The common theme emerging was wanting to see a more diverse workplace with more representation from people of Black and Asian Minority Groups.  This also applied to recruitment practices and visibility in leadership.

Yes, we know there is much work to do in the dismantling of the invisible systemic barriers which sustained inequality and disadvantage, not only to people from ethnic minority groups, but also women, the LGBTQ community, people with special abilities and community making up the multiple generations in societies today.

We are determined to leverage the power of diversity and demonstrated that Finastra is OPEN4INCLUSION. #OPEN4INCLUSION

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