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Grant, Director, CLS & Business Development, talks about his role at Finastra

Written by Grant Russell Director, KTP, CLS Business Development
Grant, Director, CLS & Business Development, talks about his role at Finastra

My role is really varied, encompassing two different products and business development – it feels more like three roles! Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS) Product is my natural place as it’s where I started. Fusion KTP is more recent, and with that I’ve joined a French based team and product. It’s great, because I’ve been introduced to a different technology, a different way of working, and different people, which keeps every day feeling new. The variation is one of the reasons I still enjoy my role so much. Part of that is how many people I get to interact with globally and managing these relationships. I find it inspiring to meet people from all walks of life, and from all kinds of places - it is always an interesting, and occasionally challenging experience, from which I’m constantly learning.  

I work with a wide range of people, all with very good, different ideas on how to improve our products. Executing on those ideas, and doing so within budgets, is one of the biggest challenges within my role. I have to find workable solutions, and often do things in different ways to get around this. I find that collaborating with our partners is one of the best ways to navigate these issues. Speaking to experts and being very open helps to drive product innovation, move our business forward and is one of the best things about working at Finastra.

The constant innovation and progressiveness of Finastra and its products makes it a growing name, and a place that people want to work for and advance their careers. The opportunities are so diverse, due to the huge scope of products and technologies, which means you’re never really siloed in a role. Because of that, I think Finastra has a very bright future. It is going from strength to strength and has a very cohesive feel, wherever you are in the world. Even though the company is truly global, I find that all of our people really feel like part of Finastra, as do the offices. Despite being such a large company, the underlying vibe is very friendly and open – guys from the executive team will never shy away from having a chat with you and saying hello, which I feel says a lot about the company.

I’ve learnt a lot here, and I think that’s what you should be looking for if you come to Finastra. You’re given so much opportunity – I want more for work than to just turn up and do my job, and because of that, I’ve been able to do so much more than stick within my product. If your bag is career progression, this is the place. My career path here has been very fluid, and I’ve diversified and done all sorts. The opportunity is there, you just have to take it.

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