Optimizing, expanding and monetizing: regaining transaction banking revenue momentum

Read the report which outlines transaction banking commercial levers and growth plays.

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Cargo shipping containers on the water

Networks of networks: The growing importance of supporting global supply chains and international trade

Discover how regulators, trade finance networks and businesses are finding common ground and hope for the future. Read the networks of networks report.

The empowered SME: Moving to the heart of the solution

SMEs play a crucial role in economic growth, contribute to local communities and advance inclusion and international development through domestic commerce as well as international trade. However, it is widely recognised that most SMEs across all countries often face a series of challenges, especially in international trade.

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Are banks building effective working relationships with corporates?

This unique global analysis, driven by East & Partners - a specialist global business banking insight and consulting firm - and Finastra, explores the key areas where this disconnect between banks and corporates is taking place and how enabling solutions, particularly in cloud and technology platforms, can deliver bridges across these gaps.

The first white paper provides an overview of the subject, with subsequent reports drilling down into three topics:

  • Supply chain finance
  • Technology
  • Cloud and its application

Joining the pieces of the jigsaw: Intra-Africa trade and supply chains

African banks can prepare for stronger intra-Africa trade with open technologies and collaboration. Banks must act now, as they cannot afford to "wait and see" as client needs continue to develop at an accelerated rate.

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Mind the gap: Building effective working relationships between corporates and banks

Mind the gap

Building effective working relationships between corporates and banks

The bank-corporate relationship continues to evolve in an environment where macro-economic pressures are causing increasing concerns about tomorrow. As a result, gaps are rapidly growing between the banks’ product and service offerings and corporates’ expectations – this is particularly prominent in supply chain funding.

Working capital finance

Navigating the landscape: from global corporate bank alignment, risk vs relationship, the change in technology and implication of cloud.

Find out how banks can bridge the gap by leveraging new technologies and take advantage of delivering a unique and differentiating proposition in the market.

Infographic: How to navigate the landscape from aligning the risk-relationship to changes in technology and cloud
White paper: The risk-relationship, tension in supply chain financing

Reporting & regulation

The risk-relationship: Tension in supply chain financing

Corporate treasurers prioritize their relationships with banks when considering financing their supply chain, yet barriers to access funding are high. This report looks at corporate customers banking experience and expectations to understand whether there is a gap between the service they want and the services banks actually offer.

The future of trade

Change the game: Delivering new working capital finance models through future technology

Advances in technology have permeated every aspect of life; streamlining, simplifying, and improving. For banks to navigate the uncertainty while retaining revenues, development and adoption of new technologies, including smart contracts, blockchain and cloud-based platforms is the key to growth and continued development.

White paper: Change the game, delivering new working capital finance models through future technology
Aim for the cloud - How hosted solutions change the game for banks and corporates

Working Capital Finance in the cloud

Aim for the cloud: how hosted solutions change the game for banks and corporates

Banks are currently leading over corporates when it comes to cloud adoption. Both agree that the main benefits of moving to the cloud are scalability and resilience, with the largest concern being integration with existing systems. Yet, 75% of corporates do not trust banks to deliver quality cloud-based solutions.

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