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Your accountholders care about your core system (even if they don’t know they do)

A core system is invisible to customers or members, but it drives the entire account holder experience.

Your Accountholders Care About Your Core System

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Your customers or members have never heard the words core system. They don’t think about what happens behind the scenes when they pay a bill or make a deposit. Yet the capabilities and limitations of your core systems are the underlying factor in how they perceive your bank or credit union. This document takes a look at the experience from the outside-in. What happens if your core system isn't working right? What if it doesn't provide instant real-time access to crucial data? What if it doesn’t integrate smoothly with key digital products needed to acquire and retain accountholders? Taking a 720° look at how the banking core system works for your customers or members as well as your business operations, can give you a thought-provoking idea on where inefficiencies may lie.

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