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Using AI and ML to detect and prevent money laundering and fraud in banking

An effective real-time solution to fight financial crime in collaboration with NetGuardians and ComplyAdvantage

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Digital banking and open banking have seen explosive growth in recent years thanks to the many benefits they bring. Ease of access for customers via mobile and internet, increased choice of banking products thanks to open banking, and the advances in payment capabilities, including faster and contactless payments are some of these benefits. However, the shift in technology capabilities has created new opportunities for fraudsters to steal large sums of money.

Finastra in partnerships with NetGuardians and ComplyAdvantage is pleased to present this whitepaper that address how to learn how their highly effective AI-powered fraud and crime prevention solution integrate with the core banking platform, provide a next generation digital banking platform.  

Banks can protect themselves using a world-class fraud and crime solution without having to endure lengthy IT project NetGuardians and ComplyAdvantage are also an intrinsic part of Finastra’s Crime prevention marketplace on FusionFabric.cloud; Finastra’s open innovation platform and ecosystem.

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