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 Trade Finance in the digital age [Spanish]

Learn how modern technologies have the potential to reshape banks’ trade finance operations for good. Find out from experts at Microsoft and Finastra how to best apply these technologies for operational efficiency, risk reduction and better customer experiences.

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This white paper discusses the challenges and opportunities of trade finance, which is a vital service for businesses to trade goods and services across borders. Trade finance faces a gap of $2.5 trillion, which affects mostly SMEs and emerging markets, due to various factors such as risk, compliance, and inefficiency. We highlight here the role of regulation and technology in bridging the gap and modernizing the trade finance processes.

Find out how cloud, AI, and blockchain technologies can improve trade finance by enabling automation, digitalization, data insights, and knowledge management. It also introduces the trade finance stack from Finastra and Microsoft, which is a cloud-based platform that provides the full functionality of Trade Innovation and a suite of applications and business processes for trade finance. The text argues that the trade finance stack can help banks and other parties involved in trade finance to modernize their systems and meet the evolving expectations of corporate customers.

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