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Our Core System Is Sunsetting — Now What Do We Do?

Getting the news that your core is going to be sunsetted can initially be unsettling and stressful ... but it doesn't have to be. With proper preparation and a plan of action, your business is about to change for the better with surprising opportunities that will position you for the future.

Our Core System Is Sunsetting — Now What Do We Do?

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As a bank or credit union leader, the news that development and support of your core system is ceasing can be shocking and stressful, and it can pull your entire organization into disorganization. After all, the core system isn’t just a piece of software that you occasionally use; it’s the entire backbone of any financial institution and a major investment that can make or break the present and future of your institution. Yet if your core is sunsetting, it’s an opportunity to reposition your team, accountholders, and technology into a different and more diverse solution that ultimately should provide measurable ROI. In this white paper, find out how your legacy core system is interfering with your growth, what you should expect from a modern core system, and how to select and launch your new core system.


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