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[In]organic growth in the community and regional banking sector

In the ever-evolving landscape of the US community banking and credit union sector, growth has become a focal point for many institutions. With operational costs on the rise, banks are exploring various strategies to achieve economies of scale and expand their reach. One such strategy is inorganic growth through mergers and acquisitions (M&A), which can deliver value more quickly than organic growth alone.

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Building technology considerations into the overall strategic M&A plan opens up a positive future for the newly expanded bank. M&A presents a great opportunity for community banks to build scale, but also the agility to adopt new approaches that meet customer needs. For example, AI in general and Gen AI, in particular offer tremendous potential for new ways to meet those needs. The main aim of those technologies is to automate and accelerate processes normally undertaken by people, leaving more time for teams to look after customers.

A next-gen, cloud-based, open API platform can enable the merged institution to improve customer experiences, access a whole new range of digital capabilities, and provide rich actionable insights. This not only supports the institution’s growth ambitions but also mitigates risk to customer experiences and impacts on their brand.

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