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How AI can transform UX and deliver efficiencies for financial institutions

Customer service continues to evolve, but the principle remains the same - treat customers well and they will return. Now, with AI technology at our disposal, we can deliver fast & positive interactions with our customers more efficiently than ever before.

Download the white paper to learn how AI can benefit your business by optimizing customer service and strengthening your market share through world-class UX.

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AI-driven chatbots and voice bots are playing a key role in supporting strategies to improve UX while reducing demands on employees to answer a whole range of queries about your products and services. It works whether you’re in banking, insurance, or fast-moving consumer goods to name but a few sectors.

The benefits for business are clear and obvious. Moreover, leveraging conversational AI also increases customer satisfaction, by reducing waiting times and being constantly available. As an approach, it empowers consumers to engage with brands on their own terms - when it suits and how it suits.

Through this white paper, we’ll help grow your understanding of how chatbots and voicebots can support digital transformation and improve UX. The key sections are:

  • Customer service innovation through the ages: the steps that have led to chatbot innovation
  • The difference between voicebots and traditional IVRs
  • 11 key scenarios where conversational AI benefits business
  • On trend: how conversational AI has evolved in 2022 and what we can expect in 2023
  • How to get the best out of chatbots and voicebots: our recommendations for implementing a conversational AI strategy
  • How it works in practice: a Floatbot case study  

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