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Data-driven banking tech for small businesses

Small businesses take up over 90% of global businesses, but these firms are often underserved when it comes to financial services. Fortunately, the technology now exists for banks to serve small businesses better as a whole.

Download this white paper and find out some of the solutions being developed to help companies thrive in times of economic uncertainty.

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Many financial institutions are yet to realize the potential of modern corporate banking tools for their small business customers. But in the last 10 years, a lot of the financial management tools that have become available to small businesses have evolved beyond recognition thanks to API technology and the introduction of open banking regulations.

In this white paper, we’re looking at:

  • The technology that is revolutionizing B2B banking and the business benefits of adopting modern financial management tools
  • Why and how crises led to shaping business banking innovation
  • How fintech solutions help small companies grow and solve the common pain points of running a company
  • The game-changing B2B banking platform trusted by major financial institutions and credit bureaus – upSWOT
  • Making the most of tech and tools to support small businesses better

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