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Real-time Payments and Payments Modernization - Episode 3

About this Episode

Real-time Payments and Payments Modernization is a 3-episode series featuring Finastra’s Robert Mancini, Head of Payments along with Joe Casali of NEACH and Tim Mills of The Clearing House. Recorded live at the AFP conference in Boston, this podcast series explores the evolution of RTP, the Federal Reserve’s FedNow initiative and the future of payments modernization. There are exciting times ahead for RTP and Open Payments by Finastra brings this to the forefront.

In this episode, our panel discusses the implication of a “wait and see” approach to real-time payments, and the bleak outlook for survival if institutions fail to offer value added services based on this new instant payments rail.


Joe Casali
Joe Casali
Senior Vice President of Operations and IT, New England ACH (NEACH)
Tim Mills
Tim Mills
Vice President of Business Development and Product Management, The Clearing House
About the show

Open Payments is a podcast series where Finastra Payments thought-leaders, industry experts and analysts engage in dialogue on industry trends, regulatory changes and hot topics that are relevant to the targeted payments community.

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