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What role can fintechs play in tackling the wealth gap and inequality?

About this Episode

This episode continues our discussion around financial inclusion. While wealth gaps and inequality are dividers when it comes to income and financial stability, it is sometimes harder to see change when looking at these problems in developed countries. This episode explores key areas of inequality, including bias based on gender and ethnic background, and looks at how fintech can help tackle this issue. We also cover the importance of financial education for young people as a way to spark change.


About the show

Open Finance is a podcast series that explores how financial services is opening up to collaboration, innovation and society. Each episode focuses on a critical question as open APIs, platforms and technology make the industry accessible to customers, fintechs and big tech like never before.

Produced by Finastra, each episode brings guests with diverse viewpoints together to discuss the changes needed to make the future of finance open.

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