Unified Fraud Risk and AML Compliance (FRAML) (Factsheet)

Adopting a unified real-time Fraud Detection and AML (FRAML) Compliance as a service is the recommended approach to fighting financial crime. But how do the systems used in these programs actually work?

Read the factsheet to understand the benefits and technology behind them.

Regulatory compliance involves many processes, but reducing manual effort is a key challenge for banks as many have insufficient automation capabilities. The Clari5 Real-time Anti-Money Laundering System monitors and responds to suspicious patterns across a range of transactions in real-time.

Fraud detection solutions are not designed to manage transactions at scale in real-time and are siloed or operating in batch mode. Regulators recommend combating financial crimes with a single platform and Clari5 Real-time Enterprise Fraud Management System provides a real-time fraud monitoring and prevention solution for banks across multiple channels and product lines.

For more detail on how these two solutions work, download our factsheet.

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