Finastra Compliance as a Service solution (Factsheet)

Finastra Compliance as a Service is a cloud-based payment processing and compliance solution that uses AI and machine learning to fulfill complex AML requirements. It offers simple integration with new payment networks like FedNow and TIPS for the US and European financial institutions and scrutinizes transactions against multiple sanction lists to minimize false positives and ensure compliance with evolving regulatory laws.

The current financial landscape is marked by the relentless evolution of regulatory requirements with institutions increasingly seeking forward-thinking solutions to navigate the changes and position themselves for sustained growth, elevate customer experiences, and enhance their compliance practices. Finastra Compliance as a Service, a transformative payments processing and compliance solution, designed to fulfill the rigorous demands of AML transaction monitoring and real-time sanction screening. Tailored to meet the needs of both domestic instant and cross-border transactions, this innovative platform offers simplified payments and compliance capabilities for both US and European financial institutions.

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