Navigating the AI space race - Unleashing sales success in banking

Written by Keith Redding CRO, Universal Banking
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As the Chief Revenue Officer for Universal Banking at Finastra, I find myself pondering the implications of AI in banking from a sales perspective. Clearly, we are in a transformative era, one that could be described as an AI space race. This unique battleground, where the latest technology is both a driver of innovation and a herald of intense competition, presents a landscape ripe with sales opportunities for banks and other financial institutions. But unlike the space race in the 1960’s, the dynamics of the AI race are somewhat paradoxical. Rather than larger banks leading due to their financial prowess, the falling cost of technology levels the playing field, enabling banks of all sizes to gain access to the latest capabilities.

For the winner in this dynamic landscape, success hinges on strategic navigation and a nuanced understanding of the sales aspects that underpin the AI space race. Let's delve into the key elements that will pave the way for sales success:

1. Market Segmentation and Personalization:

Put simply, one size does not fit all. To win, a bank must have the ability to offer tailored solutions that address the unique needs and challenges they face, irrespective of their size. Sales strategies must be agile and responsive, providing scalable solutions that can be customized to suit the varying requirements of a diverse clientele. For banks, the key to success here is to ensure they refine their sales strategies by segmenting their target market and personalizing offerings accordingly.

2. Educational and Consultative Selling:

Against a backdrop of consumers becoming increasingly time-poor, banks need to position themselves as educational leaders. By adopting a consultative selling approach, banks can focus on enlightening their customers. Rather than leaving them to find their own way through a maze of potential options, leaders will create shortcuts directly to the ideal products and services. Leaders will also recognize that if AI can raise the level of the average performer, then outperformance requires something more.

3. Empathy and Deep Understanding:

Sales strategies must revolve around a profound understanding of customers' financial goals, preferences, and pain points to deliver personalized experiences that resonate on an emotional level. With deep understanding and domain expertise banks can position themselves as trusted advisors, offering solutions precisely aligned with the unique needs of each customer. Becoming an intuitive partner and demonstrating foresight can enable banks to thrive in an AI-driven world.

4. Strategic Partnerships:

Collaboration becomes a strategic imperative. Banks should actively seek and nurture partnerships that amplify the impact of their AI-powered products and services. Aligning with industry influencers, technology partners, and relevant regulatory bodies can enhance the effectiveness of sales strategies, creating a collaborative ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders.

5. Continuous Innovation:

Standing still is falling back. Sales strategies should reflect a commitment to continuous innovation. Banks need to stay ahead of emerging trends, technologies, and changing customer expectations. Being future-ready ensures that sales efforts position the bank as a forward-thinking institution, capable of delivering solutions that not only meet current needs but also anticipate future challenges.

In conclusion, the AI space race is indeed an opportunity for sales success in banking. The winners will be defined by their ability to navigate the nuances of a changing landscape, recognizing that success lies not just in financial prowess but in agility, adaptability, and a keen understanding of the diverse needs of customers.

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Written by
Keith Redding

Keith Redding

CRO, Universal Banking

Keith leads the Go to Market organization for Universal Banking as the Chief Revenue Officer. Throughout his entire career, spanning more than 25 years Keith has been relentlessly focused on value creation for financial institutions through the innovative use of advanced technologies.

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