Using new technology to enable optimization of the balance sheet

The economic consequences of persistently low interest rates, together with the rise in inflation rates, has put unprecedented demands on financial institutions’ balance sheet performance - impacting product and investment strategies across the globe. In this paper, we outline an approach that leverages advances in big data, cloud computing and machine learning to implement an emerging financial discipline, which applies prescriptive analytics to help financial institutions make better decisions, remain agile, and find opportunities in volatile environments.

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Access a world of Banking as a Service

Finastra gives the world’s financial institutions the software applications, marketplaces, and platform needed to join the future of open finance. With treasury-as-a-service, gain improved performance and processing, effective risk management and strategic business growth.

Bank treasury digitization for global economic growth

Financial Institutions (FIs) of all sizes provide an invaluable service to the communities they support and inhabit: empowering and sustaining economic growth. Discover the power of bank treasury digitization in our summary or download the full white paper.

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End to End Treasury and Wealth Management Solution Overview

Finastra’s pre-packaged Treasury and Wealth Management solution offers significant benefits. Tangible benefits are realized immediately with a pre-packaged solution covering several business areas, which is built upon a modern framework that supports growth, expansion, and the evolution of products and services. The solution can help to drive revenue growth while reducing risk exposure and increasing automation.

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We wanted to be on a cloud-enabled platform, that allows for the expansion of resources without requiring expensive hardware upgrades."

Ricardo Rola
Head of IT at Itau BBA
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Innovation in treasury and capital markets is real

The key to enacting a business-first innovation strategy to innovation is the usage of data — capturing it accurately and leveraging it through efficient and advantageous means. Discover why data in treasury is important in our summary or download the full white paper.

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By enabling us to offer a much broader and more sophisticated set of treasury services, Fusion Summit will play a significant role in helping us to attract and retain new commercial customers in Hong Kong."

Zhang Hairong
Lead Project Manager of Development and IT at SPD Bank
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