Tax Strategy

Finastra - Tax Strategy for the period to 31 May 2020

Our approach to tax

Finastra commits to complying with global tax regulations in a responsible manner with due regard to governments and shareholders, and to maintain open and constructive relationships with all tax authorities.

The activities that drive tax in Finastra include the location of acquired intellectual property, our customer base and the set-up of our development centres.

We follow the Base Erosion Profit Shifting agenda. Our business decisions are not driven by tax, but are aligned to our vision and key strategic plans that support our business.

Tax Risk Management

At Finastra, we endeavor to match fiscal profits to the location where they are derived. We do not enter into arrangements with the purpose of achieving a tax outcome that was not within the intention of relevant laws, nor are contrived or artificial in nature.

Our tax strategy is approved by the Executive Leadership Team and operates within a framework of effective controls to make and approve tax decisions, and review changes in the business to ensure the substance of contracts and business operations match the fiscal outcome.


The ultimate responsibility for tax strategy rests with the Executive Leadership Team. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is the Team’s responsible member with executive responsibility for tax matters and tax policy which is implemented through the Finance Leadership Team. This is reviewed on an ongoing basis as part of the regular finance cycle.

The Executive Leadership Team are kept appraised of all significant tax matters, including the Group’s approach to tax, and receive regular reports on the Group’s tax status from the CFO. The members of the Executive Leadership Team are listed here on the website. Additionally the CFO, the General Counsel, Chief Risk Officer and the Chief Operating Officer all oversee corporate responsibility matters.

How we deal with tax complexity

As a multi-national company Finastra has complexity within its business operations which may lead to uncertain tax positions. In order to meet the level of responsibility that have committed ourselves to, we enlist the help of recognized tax advisors to support our Tax Group to ensure that we make appropriate decisions and judgments using the most accurate information we can obtain.

Our approach to tax planning ensures we use tax advisor support on any significant corporate transactions including re-financing or acquisitions, working both within the spirit and guidance of our tax strategy.

Evolutionary path

Our vision is to unlock the potential of people and businesses by creating a platform for open innovation in the world of financial services. We work to achieve this by helping our customers to transform their businesses to become more agile, innovative, resilient and customer-focused. We believe that our tax strategy should follow the same approach through:

  • Continuous innovation and investment into our tax processes;
  • Reporting and compliance technology to enhance tax controls within the group control framework;
  • Simplifying our tax processes so controls operate clearly, effectively and efficiently;
  • Commit to the tax strategy, ensuring actual tax risk aligns to the level expected; and
  • Ensuring dialogue on tax with stakeholders and tax authorities is clear and open.