Fusion TreasuryFusion Treasury

Fusion Treasury

Better strategic analysis, control, and execution

A single, integrated treasury solution

With an expanded role in a fast-evolving market, the treasury needs better tools. Proven in treasury management for over 30+ years, Fusion Treasury leverages our tried and tested solutions, Fusion Opics and Fusion Kondor. The result is greater strategic planning, control, and execution in a single, integrated solution.

Treasurers are positioned to make better decisions, communicate efficiently, and lead confidently. 

Fusion Treasury makes the most of existing technology while deploying flexible tools that meet changing market and regulatory demands.

  • Comprehensive scenario analysis
  • Unique interface brings liquidity, risk, and profitability together in one screen
  • An inclusive end-to-end eFX trading solution across distribution, position-keeping, post-trade and payments with SeamlessFX
  • Calculation engine enables key analytic measures such as liquidity and IRR gaps, NPV, sensitivities, FTP and margin analysis, and at-risk measures including VaR, EaR, and ES
  • Seamlessly manage reporting with Regulatory Reporting as a Service, an automated cloud-based solution for compliance with reporting regulations including SFTR, MiFID II, and the EMIR Review
  • Reporting of LCR and NSFR for international and national discretions
  • Seamless transition to risk-free rates after LIBOR is phased out

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