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Fusion Invest

Collaborate for greater performance

Investment management teams work smarter together with Fusion Invest

Fusion Invest answers the pressing concern of portfolio and investment managers today: performing better in a market that’s becoming ever more complex and highly regulated. This leading solution for investment management ensures better transparency and collaboration throughout the investment process delivering a consistent analytics framework on top of a real-time Investment Book of Record IBOR. Business functions including the front office, risk department, and back office are optimally aligned.

Fully integrated and multi-function

Fusion Invest leverages advanced technology to adapt to changing conditions:

  • Integrated portfolio and risk management for faster, better trading decisions
  • Unrivalled cross-asset coverage alongside sophisticated pricing engines, risk models and trade processing capabilities
  • Real-time IBOR for effective portfolio managers performance 
  • Transparency that enables forensic examination of the firm’s decision-making process and allows for consistent back-testing of performance
  • Full scalability and agility – Fusion Invest evolves with business needs and includes functionality that can be easily activated

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