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Sia Partners and Finastra invite students to help shape the financial services of tomorrow

Finance & Innovation for Good competition encourages students to ideate and develop a project which promotes sustainable finance

Paris, France – December 20, 2021Finastra and Sia Partners invite entrepreneurial students to tackle a major challenge in sustainable finance as part of the Finance & Innovation for Good competition, which will run until May 2022. The initiative is being carried out with support from partners, Google Cloud, HSBC Continental Europe, Pépite France and Manaos, who will all help students complete their projects from ideation to development.

The winners will be rewarded with varying prizes from the partners of 7000€, 5000€ and 3000€, as well as six other special prizes worth 1000€. Winning projects will be selected based on the degree of completion of the project, their financial viability and their capacity for disruption and innovation, and all will have the potential to be implemented by the partner companies.

Thomas Rocafull, Partner at SIA Partners said, “We believe that fostering an environment for innovation should extend beyond business and into education. We recognized a need to give students a voice on the future of financial services, as well as the importance of harnessing the expertise of financial players like Finastra. We’re delighted to host the Finance & Innovation for Good competition and look forward to seeing the finished projects.”

Sustainable finance is no longer a future vision, but a challenge that needs to be tackled today. Finance & Innovation for Good gives students the opportunity to imagine the bank of tomorrow and develop solutions to future-proof financial services. Participants will benefit from material resources, including access to Finastra’s open developer platform,, and weekly training with nearly a hundred coaches from a variety of industries.

Chirine Ben Zaied, Head of Innovation at Finastra said, “Supporting this programme is a logical initiative for Finastra as it fits perfectly with our Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments to collaborative finance. The impact on society and the environment is an increasingly important criterion when choosing a job, and this competition shows students that financial innovation can help to serve both people and the planet. We’re excited to work alongside our partners to inspire new ideas from the next generation, for the benefit of an ever more sustainable and responsible financial sector.”

The competition is open to all students or recent graduates of less than two years, individually or in teams of up to three people. Students can register at until January 16, 2022. Terms and conditions apply.

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