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Finastra places Risk and Audit function in the Office of the CEO

Elevated role for Elona Ruka-Wright, Chief Risk Officer and Chief Audit Executive, reflects importance of strong governance in a changing landscape

London, UK – August 5, 2020 Finastra has placed its Risk and Audit function into the Office of the CEO, reflecting the importance of strong governance in a changing landscape. The move is an elevated role for Elona Ruka-Wright, already Chief Risk Officer and Chief Audit Executive at the company.

Now part of the CEO’s office, Elona will continue to lead a global portfolio of risk management, regulatory compliance and governance programs. She is also tasked with building even deeper relationships with regulatory bodies, customers and partners, demonstrating Finastra’s commitment to these important functions.

Simon Paris, CEO, Finastra said, “As one of the largest fintech companies in the world, we provide our customers with essential financial technology solutions which power their businesses. With this comes a great responsibility and we want to ensure that Finastra continues to have the right safeguards and processes in place.”

With over 20 years of first-hand experience in running governance, risk management and compliance programs for financial institutions and technology firms, Elona has an in-depth understanding of all areas of risk management, from governance and compliance to security and information technology.

Elona said, “In today’s rapidly changing threat environment, and against a backdrop of the global pandemic, which is testing companies’ resilience all around the world, we want to underline the importance of risk management and strong governance. This elevated and expanded role will enable us to bolster our efforts in this area while playing a key role in helping our customers meet their strategic aspirations.”

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