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Finastra integrates Alygne’s tailored ESG data into Fusion Invest

Finastra’s Fusion Invest, integrated with Alygne’s sustainability technology platform, will allow financial institutions to utilize ESG alternative data on private and public companies

London, UK – April 11, 2023 - Finastra, a global provider of financial software applications and marketplaces, today announced its partnership with Alygne, a sustainability technology platform that provides tailored ESG alternative data, to help asset managers globally make more informed ESG investments. A new connector seamlessly integrates Alygne's data into Fusion Invest, allowing users to leverage the portfolio management capabilities of the solution to ensure portfolios support their ESG-related values.

“Making investments that coincide with corporate and customer values is front of mind for asset managers, but a lack of access to data and metrics makes this challenging,” said Fabien Féron, Senior Product Manager – Fusion Invest at Finastra. “In addition to using traditional financial metrics to monitor their portfolios, our customers can strengthen their decision-making process by accessing Alygne’s tailored ESG data through our solution. They can easily check the impact of trade simulations for both public and private markets.”

Fusion Invest is an integrated platform that covers the entire investment value chain, delivering portfolio insight and automated processes with a real-time Investment Book of Records and multi-GAAP accounting book of records (IBOR and ABOR). It features advanced analytics, comprehensive asset class coverage and open technology via digital dashboarding and APIs, to help financial institutions deliver higher returns while minimizing operational risks.

Alygne is a sustainability technology platform making ESG-related alternative data accessible and transparent on both private and public companies. It quantifies ESG scores of multiple facets using natural language processing and machine learning to read global news, social posts and corporate announcements. Alygne operates alongside metrics used in global reporting frameworks, such as Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards.

“Through seamless integration with Fusion Invest, fund managers can use our data to make decisions based on financial and extra-financial criteria by adapting quickly to fast evolving market regulations and conditions,” said Corinne Grillet, CEO at Alygne. “Retail and institutional clients can also use this data to promote ESG capabilities to their end customers. Our collaboration with Finastra combines best-of-breed portfolio management with advanced ESG analytics to support the global agenda of powering value-driven investments.”

For more information about Fusion Invest, click here. For more information about Alygne, click here.


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