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Finastra’s open innovation platform and app marketplace unlocks innovation in financial services

Finastra is changing the way modern banking software is built and distributed. With, our open development platform, we are championing “innovation through collaboration”. By opening up our core systems in Retail Banking, Payments, Lending, Corporate Banking and Treasury & Capital Markets via open APIs, we enable financial institutions and other parties in the fintech ecosystem to develop applications on top of our solutions, enabling you to enhance the value provided to your customers.

Applications can be developed quickly and at low cost. Financial institutions can transform their customer propositions and drive efficiencies, while fintechs and developers can accelerate new market opportunities. will help transform the financial services industry in the same way that mobile app stores have transformed our everyday lives.


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PLATFORM ECOSYSTEM unlocks innovation by fostering open collaboration within an ecosystem of development partners. It opens up Finastra’s core systems via APIs to all players in the financial services ecosystem – banks, fintechs, system integrators, independent developers, consultants and students. components


Are you a developer or fintech looking to disrupt the market? Or a financial institution looking to build new apps easily? Access APIs from Finastra’s core systems to start building innovative apps or integrate existing apps to expand your reach to financial institutions.


1- Discover available APIs in the catalog
2 - Build your app on the developer portal
3 - Monetize your app on FusionStore


Are you a financial institution looking to stay up to date with the latest innovations? Benefit from new innovations created by the wider financial services ecosystem by consuming ready-built apps connected to your existing Finastra products.


1 - Explore available solutions on FusionStore
2 - Contact the app creator via FusionStore
3 - Consume the app via Finastra

Platformification in Financial Services

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The first truly global open development cloud platform for banks, Fintechs and the entire financial ecosystem. A marketplace of unlimited business opportunities where open APIs meet Finastra’s trusted technology. Accessible through the Microsoft Azure cloud platform for innovation at scale and speed. A playground for developers to build game-changing financial apps, deploying them in days not months.


What is an API?

We hear about APIs often in technology and digital banking but for many, it's an ambiguous concept. This video simply defines how APIs work and how they enable collaboration that gives you and your clients more streamlined, relevant, and innovative solutions via an open banking platform.

What is an open banking platform?

A flexible, scalable platform enables superior banking experiences, where apps and services can be configured differently to enhance banking solutions customized to the needs of clients, employees, and operational needs. Fuelling innovation with our customer and partner ecosystem

Certified Federal Credit Union: Platformification enables collaborative innovation with fintechs

COO Donna Simpson and CIO James Tomaso share how the open banking platform and ecosystem seamlessly supports their products and growth.

Transforming Financial Services with

Meet Kate, owner of KateActive, a global chain of gyms. Kate banks with AstraBank who utilizes Finastra’s platform. Watch Kate’s story as she evolves from small business owner to large global enterprise, and find out what is possible with

Microsoft and Finastra - becoming the market maker for innovation in financial services

Finastra's vision behind the strategic partnership of Microsoft and Finastra.

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