Sarath Sasikumar

Sarath Sasikumar

Co-Founder and President

Sarath Sasikumar is the Co-Founder & President of In this role Sarath is responsible for the company’s ecosystem strategy, global operations, talent management & other business enablement functions. His is also the Chief Value Mentor, evangelizing a “Values & Culture First” mindset across the company.

Prior to founding, Sarath served as the Head of Operations, Global Technology Services Group (TSG) at UST Global, an American multinational provider of digital services where he was responsible for service demand and new service creation efforts.

Prior to this role, Sarath led a team of Global Business Integrators, a special task force working directly for the CEO’s Office. Sarath and his team managed multiple strategic programs across the globe. His personal focus was on operationalizing a Global New Business Group which later became the elite group responsible for delivering sales growth, net new Fortune 500 customer acquisitions and the #1 distribution channel for its Products & Platforms division.

Sarath has vast experience managing large and complex programs, both in engineering and in business, spanning multiple teams, geographies and varying degrees of uncertainties.

Before getting Inducted as the leader for the Global Business Integrators group, Sarath helped build a Global Partnerships & Alliances Group for UST Global. He has also held engineering and pre-sales leadership roles with various Silicon Valley startups.

Sarath graduated with an Engineering degree in Electronics & Telecommunication, Mahatma Gandhi University, India. He is based in Orange County, CA, where he lives with his wife and his daughter.

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