Oscar Sanz-Paris

Oscar Sanz-Paris

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Oscar Sanz-Paris is CQUR Bank Deputy CEO and Chief Commercial Officer. He joined the bank in May 22 and has lead the bank’s digital and commercial transformation as part of a management buy-out restructure.

CQUR Bank is a leading commercial bank based in Doha, Qatar, which provides comprehensive financial solutions required to thrive in the global marketplace. As a leading financial institution, CQUS possesses a deep understanding of global markets, including navigating the complexities of foreign exchange and the specific dynamics of the GCC region. Leveraging our expertise, we assist our clients in optimizing their financial operations with our advanced foreign exchange and currency management solutions, payment services, hedging and risk management solutions.

Prior to CQUR, Oscar spent two decades in senior positions running credit and derivative desks in Investment Banks in London. He holds an MSc in Engineering from Spanish and French Universities.

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