Lewis Liu

Lewis Liu

Eigen Technologies

Lewis co-founded Eigen Technologies, a global intelligent document processing (IDP) provider, in 2015. Eigen’s mission is to transform data into actionable insights, regardless of source, so all organizations can make better-informed decisions that drive the best outcomes for their people, customers and investors. Simply put, Eigen makes the world’s data useful so businesses can solve big problems.

Starting his career as a consultant at McKinsey & Company in London, Lewis then founded and led the Quantitative Finance & Strategies Division for Aleron Partners LLP, a boutique private equity advisory firm. He is also a former Senior Advisor to Linklaters LLP, where he co-founded the Tactical Opportunities Group, a deal origination team.

Lewis is a business leader with a Doctorate in Atomic & Laser Physics from the University of Oxford. During his studies at Oxford, Lewis invented a new class of X-ray laser, and the mathematics behind this invention was later abstracted into Eigen's core technology. Lewis received Harvard’s first Joint Bachelors in Fine Arts and Physics, as well as a Masters in Theoretical Physics, during which he conducted antihydrogen research at CERN.

With this unique background, Lewis is knowledgeable in several areas, including AI, small data, IDP and much more. He is also passionate about accountability in the world of AI and believes that it is not enough to develop the best technology, but that you must be able to bring it to market as well.

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