Giselle Mota

Giselle Mota


Giselle Mota is an inclusive futurist and innovative thought leader who is passionate about enabling inclusion in emerging technologies and product design.

Currently the Chief of Product Inclusion at ADP, she built and leads the practice of inclusion and equity throughout a 200+ product portfolio, ensuring an inclusive, responsible, and ethical methodology in development, design, and delivery cross-functionally.

Giselle has been named Top 100 in HR and Future of Work Thought Leader and has formerly served at ADP as Principal Consultant, providing future of work strategy and guidance to client executives and practitioners.

She is also the creator of NFTY Collective, which focuses on bringing disability inclusion into web3, XR, and metaverse. She is also the founder of Versd, an inclusive innovation and strategic ventures group, and a visiting instructor for UFM on Inclusive People Analytics and AI. She has also worked with NASA, PwC, and other organizations on inclusion and emerging tech projects.

She is a global speaker and has been featured on media outlets such as TED Talks, Forbes, NASDAQ, Yahoo News, PBS, Vogue, events such as SHRM, HR Tech, PluralSight Live, and guest lectured at universities such as MIT, Purdue, AI School Paris, University of Washington, among others.

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