RightClick Solutions BV is a Finastra partner for Managed Services and Implementations for Fusion Summit.


Our partnership

RightClick Solutions is a Finastra Managed Services and Implementation Partner for Fusion Summit globally. In addition to offering world-class Summit services, it utilizes its extensive expertise in the space, it’s test automation platform, RightClick TMS, is deployed across a number of Finastra products at various financial institutions and enables banks to reduce operational cost and ensure quality of their mission-critical software applications.

The company

RightClick Solutions is a global technology company empowering businesses to accelerate growth and drive innovation with cutting-edge automation software and consulting services.

RightClick founders as well as the large team of consultants have deep Summit background, and today the company runs a strong Summit practice offering vast expertise in the space as well as specialized Summit automation tools to support banks in managing their Fusion Summit platform and reduce TCO.

Founded in 2014, RightClick first launched RightClick TMS, an automation solution to streamline testing for Fusion Summit. Following the success of the solution, RightClick expanded further into the automation industry, releasing an advanced deployment automation platform, RightClick Deploy, and an intuitive, no-code, intelligent process automation solution, Atomatik.

Combining decades' worth of Summit and financial experience, RightClick delivers an exceptional suit of services and easy-to-use automation solutions. With offices in New York, Bucharest, Amsterdam & Singapore, our company works with top financial institutions worldwide.