iMocha is a Affiliate Fulfilment Partner for Finastra Global PAYplus Solution for Malaysia.


Our partnership

iMocha is an IT consulting and software solutions provider, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; specifically focused on Banking, Payment, and frontline insurance solutions. With Finastra Global PAYplus solution, and iMocha implementation and system integration capabilities, customers will benefit from an end-to-end, multi-rail payments processing solution, available on Premise/Hosted cloud which provides instant access to networks such as the SWIFT, RENTAS, Duit Now & Other RPP platforms.

The company

iMocha was founded in 2008 as an IT consulting and software provider specializing in frontline banking and insurance delivery software for the web.

Founded by former bankers, consultants and software development leaders within the financial services industry, our extensive expertise and domain knowledge gives iMocha an unique insight and a distinct edge when helping clients expand their service delivery options by solving front-line software challenges including meeting end-to-end solution delivery requirements. We specialise in bank digitisation, payments, collections, loan origination, internet banking, cash management, insurance digitisation and fintech solutions. We also provide digital transformation services to companies and business who wish to extend and digitise operational processes and execute new front-line technologies."