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Make you day to day analytics more comprehensible and easier to achieve

Automatically generate baseline and stress scenarios for ECL (Expected Credit Loss) calculations (CECL/IFRS 9) and projects balance sheet and income statement items

Straterix supplies data for rendering results and generating reports

Straterix Scenarios incorporates dynamic correlations between macroeconomic, market and portfolio-specific variables, producing thousands of scenarios and calculating credit losses for each one

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Key features

SaaS solution ready for rapid deployment

Top-down approach uncovers market drivers specific to an organization

Integrated out-of-the-box with Fusion Risk APIs

Accurately assesses tail risks by considering both stable and stressed market conditions

Generates full distribution of scenarios

Does not require Client's proprietary data and Client's proprietary model to generate all scenarios needed for CECL/IFRS9 and stress testing

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Sophisticated scenario generation, automated stress testing and expected credit loss calculation

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