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Determine the impact of climate change on the bank’s balance sheet

GreenCap combines traditional banking metrics, with emergent climate science to put a dollar value on bank lending to non-green borrowers and define the optimal path to respond to climate change.

Banks’ current risk-weighted assets and risk systems aren’t designed for easy inclusion of climate risk factors.

GreenCap’s solution overcomes these challenges by optimizing banks’ risk systems and promoting sustainability.

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GreenCap provides the ability to:

  • Analyze the risk of increasing capital and liquidity requirements created by physical climate change and the transitional policies put in place to mitigate it
  • Strategically plan to ‘green’ the balance sheet to avoid the climate related risks and benefit from being on the right side of history
  • Monitor the evolution of the bank’s sustainability strategy, including the impact of new loans and credit facilities

Key features

Climate change impact assessment

GreenCap platform determines the impact of climate change on financial institution's portfolio risk-weighted assets. To include the credit impacts of transitional policy and the physical effects of climate change, the platform uses an extended model for assessing banks' underlying riskweighted assets.

Improve risk management

Leverage GreenCap's green risk-weighted assets methodology, to include "knowns and unknowns" in risk capital assessment with a robust approach to futureproof risk management and define the optimal path to respond to climate change.

Manage costs and increase profitability

Apply new scenarios and strategize for potential sustainability outcomes that assess the impact of systemic funding for a full range of policies. Evaluate the opportunity costs of the additional regulatory requirement, as well as new loans and facilities.

Easy and simple integration

GreenCap offers full analusis of the loan book and strategic tools through the integration. It is pre-integrated with the open APIs to Fusion Optimum, Finastra's balance-sheet optimization solution and Fusion Loan IQ, an end-to-end lending software.

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Determine the impact of climate change on the bank’s balance sheet

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Ready to go green: Measuring sustainability

GreenCap - Sustainable Lending Platform

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