Real-time payments: Dispelling The Myths

This latest webinar looks at the impact real-time payments is having in the U.S., and discusses some of the perceived barriers to entry for banks to this new payment rail.

Dispelling The Myths

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The world of payments in the U.S. is entering a new and exciting era that brings promise of modernization and flexibility, and one of the key drivers of this is the roll out of real-time payments.

The net benefits of real-time payment for businesses, banks and consumers are difficult to ignore, however some still feel there are perceived barriers to entry for them adopting this new payment system.

Where facts can be in short supply, we have gathered together a team of industry experts who will help dive into why these barriers may not actually exist and explain how you can fully take advantage of the next great evolution in payments.

Hosted by Robert Mancini, Head of U.S. Payments at Finastra we will also hear from Anoop Basavarajaiah, Finastra and Keith Grey from The Clearing House as they discuss:

  • What is the current status of real-time payment in the U.S.?
  • What are some of the perceived ‘barriers to entry’ for banks?
  • Where does the value lie and what are some use case examples for real-time payment

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