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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

10:30am ET | 9:30am CT | 7:30am PT

Finastra Forum Live Stream, a virtual event covering the latest in financial technology trends, is tailored specifically to community focused financial institutions. You’ll open your world to the latest in fintech innovation through the discovery of Cloudification, Environmental Social Governance (ESG), Lending, Mortgage, Retail Banking and Banking as a Service (BaaS). Bring the future of banking transformation forward.

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Rapidly evolving technology and market conditions are putting pressure on financial services to take their rightful place as an industry leader in change and innovation.


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January 25, 2022

Times are in Central Time Zone (CT)

9:30 AM – 9:45 AM (CT)


  • Chris Zingo, SVP and General Manager of Americas Field Operations at Finastra
  • Margaret Franco, Chief Marketing Officer at Finastra
9:45 AM – 10:05 AM

Keynote: Accelerating Growth in the New World

As global economies and sentiment begin to edge upwards, institutions have emerged in a stronger position than analysts and economists first anticipated. But, with every crisis leading to an inevitable uptick in innovation, is the world they are reentering the same as it was, pre-pandemic? Join Simon Paris as he discusses what’s changed in financial services, and how to leverage the changes to ignite growth.

  • Simon Paris, CEO at Finastra
10:05 AM – 10:45 AM

Banking as a Service: The $7 Trillion Opportunity

Banking as a Service (BaaS) is set to rock financial services more than any other disruptive force seen this decade. BaaS providers, embedders and orchestrators debate on the importance and impact of BaaS on financial services. Who is leading the charge? What are the steps to play and win? How will you survive and thrive?

  • Eric Duffaut, President and Global Head of Customer Operations at Finastra (moderator)
  • Josh Williams, Chief Banking Officer & Head of Partnerships at Seattle Bank
  • Ritesh Agarwal, Partner at McKinsey
  • Angus Ross, SVP, CRO BaaS at Finastra
  • Jeannette Kescenovitz, Sr Director, Solution Management, BaaS & Orchestration at Finastra

10:45 AM – 11:00 AM


11:00 AM – 11:05 AM

Welcome Back

  • Margaret Franco, Chief Marketing Officer at Finastra
11:05 AM – 11:35 AM

Banking as a Service: Technology as an Enabler

Technology is the facilitator of unbundled financial services, it will open the door for financial institutions to enter the BaaS realm. Eli’s tech talk will discuss questions about tech stacks, data and partnerships to be successful. You’ll also see a demo showcasing Finastra’s new BaaS solutions.

  • Eli Rosner, EVP, Digital BaaS & Platform at Finastra
11:35 AM – 12:20 PM

A greener cloud: Aligning your ESG strategy to sustainable technologies

How can banks accelerate their sustainability journey through cloud technology to achieve their Environmental Social Governance goals? Our panel of experts will explore learnings from COP26 and the impact on the financial services sector, top ESG priorities and how to reduce a bank’s carbon footprint.

  • Margaret Franco, Chief Marketing Officer at Finastra
  • Neil Budd, VP, FMS at Finastra
  • Jay Mukhey, Senior Director, ESG at Finastra
12:20 PM – 12:35 PM

The Opportunity and Beyond & Wrap-up

  • Chris Zingo, SVP and General Manager of Americas Field Operations at Finastra


On-demand Breakout Sessions

Modernizing consumer and commercial lending for a fast-moving market

Competition is ripe in the market and the lenders who are moving their solutions into the cloud stand to benefit over those who remain on-premise. Cloud-based solutions prove to significantly improve the safety of both systems and data. Join our panel discussion where we lay out the blueprint for moving lending to the cloud.

  • Mitch Lucas, VP Product Management US Lending at Finastra
  • Troy Anderson, Director, Mortgage and Lending Solution Sales at Finastra

  • Loren Riese, SVP, Portfolio and Credit Risk at TBK Bank

  • Yoram Bechler, CEO of AIO

Yes, There Is an App for That, Meeting Financial Wellness Needs Through Digital

More Americans rely on third-party apps to manage their finances, but find difficulty with security, access, and ease of use. Financial institutions could be missing out on strategies such as modern investment opportunities like cryptocurrency. By empowering customers through unified tools, financial institutions can help their clients’ manage their financial health.

  • Peter Longo, Senior Director, Product Management, Digital at Finastra
  • Geoffrey Knapp, Chief Growth Officer at Allied Payments
  • Paula Allen, Principal Product Manager at Finastra
  • Sue Dumbauld, VP, Partner Strategy at MX

Mortgage trends 2022: Driving growth through ESG and technology strategies

Amid increased competition from non-bank players, the mortgage market sees growth as nearly 40% of U.S. consumers are either in the homebuying process or plan to be soon (Aite). What's more, there is a need for financial institutions to evolve and build their Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) strategies. Mortgage lenders have an opportunity to extend their offers through modern technologies, open APIs, and integrations with a wider ecosystem.

  • Steve Hoke, VP Product Management at Finastra
  • Steve Megson, Managing Director, Eastern Region at Finastra
  • David Lykken, Founder and CEO of Transformational Mortgage Solutions
  • Tony Thompson, CEO of NAMMBA

Data, Cards, Open APIs – Oh my! – Driving New Distribution Channels in Retail Banking

Account holders want simple digital experiences tailored to them. Discover how banks and credit unions can translate data from banking channels into relevant services, promoting loyalty and longer relationships. You’ll learn why and how to use data for strategic business decisioning and why capabilities like cards enable deeper engagement and increased ROI.

  • John Weinkowitz, VP, Retail at Finastra
  • Milind Pathak, Senior Director, Product at Finastra
  • Puja Agrawal, COO, Americas at Finastra
  • Jennifer Geaslen, Lead Product Manager at Finastra

Fintech Showcase

Cybernance, Enacomm, SavvyMoney and Bakkt take the stage to showcase their innovative applications built on Finastra’s open platform – see their exclusive demo to find out how their apps can enhance your solutions today.

  • Mike Shultz, CEO at Cybernance
  • Mike Kirk, VP of Financial Services at Enacomm
  • Chris Fraenza, SVP, Sales & Partnerships at SavvyMoney
  • Sheela Zemlin, Chief Revenue Officer at Bakkt

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