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Seizing new opportunities for expansion and innovation with Fusion Essence

About the Company
Serving customers in Belize for over a century
> $1 billion (BZD) in assets
300+ employees
To help evolve its operations and support growth, Belize Bank deployed Fusion Essence - Finastra's next-generation core banking solution.

Belize Bank has embarked on a core banking transformation that will reinvent the business with cutting-edge capabilities and a renewed focus on the customer experience.

In this success story, learn more about how one of the largest banks in Belize seizes new opportunities for expansion and innovation by enhancing its core banking platform with Fusion Essence from Finastra.

"With Fusion Essence supporting our core banking activities, we have the foundation we need to deliver a top quality customer experience and can be more agile in the way we adapt to challenges in the Belize banking industry."

Jose Cardona
Chief Information Officer, Belize Bank

The benefits

  • Greater opportunities for expansion and innovation
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Agile adaptation and easy configuration
  • Efficient integration with third party solutions
  • Significant improvement in system reliability and business continuity

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