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Delivering personalized services in the digital age

Larky and Finastra team up to help financial institutions build deeper customer relationships with data-driven push notifications.

To help more financial institutions integrate tailored messaging into their mobile banking applications, Larky teamed up with Finastra to offer nudge® as a built-in feature of Fusion Digital Banking. Discover how this collaboration is empowering financial institutions to run targeted marketing campaigns that are up to five times more effective than traditional advertising methods.

With nudge® Digital Banking, financial institutions can access a wide range of simple, yet highly effective marketing tools and start using them in a matter of hours."

Gregg Hammerman
CEO and Co-founder, Larky

The benefits

  • Smart messaging capability
  • User-friendly navigation
  • After clicking on notifications, users visit client landing pages for an average of 13 minutes
  • 6% click through rate from targeted push notifications
  • 5x more effective than traditional blanket billboard or radio advertising

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