Specialty Banking EdgeSpecialty Banking Edge

Specialty Banking Edge

Community banks and credit unions often struggle to differentiate and grow their commercial and business portfolios. One-size fits all lending solutions and money movement platforms just don’t cut it.

You need the right technology to deliver custom tailored options. This is the difference in continued portfolio and community growth. With the ability to focus your solutions to your client or member unique needs, you will gain the specialty banking edge you need.

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Small Business Banking proves to be a fit for community banks and credit unions looking to gain a specialty banking edge.


Specialty Banking Edge

Small and mid-sized businesses account for 99% of all business activity in the United States. And with those businesses counting on customers to shop small and shop local, it’s a perfect fit for community banks and credit unions to meet their needs. Traditionally smaller banks and credit unions focus on relationship building and gaining an in-depth understanding of their business owner clients and members. But as these account holders and borrowers look for the perfect balance between home town values and cutting edge technology, community financial institutions will need to sharpen their specialty banking edge to remain competitive.

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Agricultural Banking Opportunities


The Agriculture industry is preparing for a monumental shift in workforce. As the next generation assumes decision making roles in an industry built on legacy and long term value, how will ag producers, bank and credit unions evolve to support the growing demand of global food supply?

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Agricultural Banking presents a space for community banks and credit unions to grow and thrive. Leverage the capabilities and customization options to maximize success in capitalizing with a Specialty Banking Edge.

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US Agricultural Market At a Glance - 2+ million active farms


Finastra Solutions for Specialty Lending


Core Banking System

Core Banking System

Fusion Phoenix helps automate every stage of lending operations. Includes robust options such as multiple payment schedules, multiple interest options, construction draw schedules, and collateral tracking.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Fusion Analytics gives you a full, unobstructed view of the business accounts your customers or members have so you can make decisions and strategize.

Digital Banking

Digital Banking

Fusion Digital Banking, powered by Malauzai, offers open APIs and segmentation opportunities so that you can offer a banking solution tailored to your, and your end user’s, specific needs.

Digital Banking

Commercial Lending

Optimize your specialty lending strategies with an improved experience, reduced costs and automated regulatory compliance.



We Have You Covered

With North American headquarters based in Lake Mary, Florida, Finastra has a solid and deep presence in community markets.

Our clients in the region benefit from dedicated employees located across the country to provide community banks and credit unions with innovative, proven financial software solutions. The region’s 4,200+ clients can be found far and wide, from Key West, Florida to Hobbs, New Mexico; Willards, Maryland to Honolulu, Hawaii; Fremont, Ohio to Fort Collins, Colorado; and everywhere in between.

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