Tech Culture UpgradeTech Culture Upgrade

Tech Culture Upgrade

The Hidden Costs of Legacy Systems

Employee satisfaction is imperative in business. Happy employees make organizations thrive. Satisfied employees can be 20% more productive. Beyond pay and benefits, it is the organization’s culture that makes a difference. A culture that includes technology. It is time to evaluate and think about a tech culture upgrade.

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Tangible Intangibles: Employees and Technology

It is no secret that happy employees make for a better, more productive workplace. Yet technology is overlooked in the entire employee experience.

Employee costs you may incur when your legacy system fails:1


Lost employee productivity - Overtime costs - Low employee morale

“What does the embrace of legacy systems say to a workforce? In part, it tells them that it’s okay to not change. That it’s fine to put off today’s concerns and leave them for a distant tomorrow because yesterday’s habits and solutions are still working. Is that really the view any business wants to encourage in their employees – especially when training them in new skills?”1


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State of the (Credit) Union, Part #4 - The Millennial Shift: Onboarding The Next Generation of Employees

The new generation of workers are a complex mix of tech-savviness and social responsibility. Having new technology is not only good for business, but can attract younger, educated workers that ultimately are tomorrow’s leaders. What can you do now to modernize, begin marketing your business to millennial workers, and change the culture of the credit union?

What Does Digital Mean to You?

Sondra McCorquodale, Chief Digital Officer at Southern Bank, shares their digital transformation strategy. “Digital is not just the mobile app in your hand and it is not the customer going to the online banking on the workstation. Digital is how we do business”.

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Open Banking

Open Banking creates a new opportunity to transform banking — in how community banks and credit unions engage account holders, provide products and services, and work with third-parties.


Finastra Solutions for Tech Culture Upgrade

Core Banking System

Core Banking System

Fusion Phoenix is an intuitive and easy-to-use core with a dashboard that mimics the toolbar ribbon in Microsoft Office.

Commercial Lending

Commercial Lending

Finastra’s lending solutions make life easier for your organization with improved account holder onboarding, increased data transparency and streamlined back-office operations.

Digital Banking

Digital Banking

Fusion Digital Banking, powered by Malauzai, provides a single platform so your employees have a single, easy to use system to navigate.

Consumer Lending and Mortgage

Consumer Lending and Mortgage

Total Mortgage allows you to maximize your internal talent and resources by eliminating manual data inputs and regulatory oversight.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Fusion Analytics pulls data from many account and accountholder information silos into a modern, interactive view that is understandable and actionable for employees.

Consumer Payments

Consumer Payments

Finastra's consumer payments solutions make it easy to manage payments and transfer funds across any channel, so employees can focus on strengthening relationships with account holders.

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