The journey to digital transformation

High Value Services: Digital Transformation Chart

Source: Future Enterprise Resilience and Spending Survey, IDC, January 2022

The roadmap to a successful digital transformation

This IDC Infobrief, sponsored by Finastra, explores digital transformation maturity and the need for IT executives to transition from a builder to a conductor. The research also includes insights from bank executives on how leveraging new outcome-first service delivery models, such as a software-led managed service, can accelerate the return to innovation.

The IT executive’s shift from builder to conductor

High Value Services - Builder


Buys technology and leads software development team to create customized applications in-house, limiting pace

High Value Services - Conductor


Enabler and orchestrator, leveraging external partners and provisioning platforms to accelerate innovation

The top four roadblocks to modernization

IDC's interviews with banking executives around the world indicated that the complexity of existing platforms and software, rise of the emerging digital infrastructure, need to address security and compliance, and lack of skills in new technologies were holding organizations up from achieving their transformation goals.

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To transition successfully, banks need services partners who can:

Map Point A To Point B Icon Orange

Step 1

Map out the transformation journey

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Step 2

Align capabilities

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Step 3

Create and execute on an operational blueprint to drive agility

IDC Infobrief: New services models to accelerate innovation in banking

Appetite for digital transformation clearly exists, and banks need to establish the route forward with outcome-first delivery models and a trusted partner for a successful transition.

Find out how you can partner for success by accessing the full report.

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How can Finastra support your digital transformation journey?

Finastra's Customer Transformation Model

Finastra Preferred Active Support

Build a foundation for change. Finastra Preferred Active Support is a proactive, pre-packaged, subscription-based model for customers requiring additional and consistent support across their software lifecycle.

Finastra Simplify & Standardize Services

We deliver progressive modernization of your Finastra solution through delivering a maintained, shared backlog of sized and actionable improvements. Finastra experts execute ongoing improvements through an agreed succession of sprints, leveraging solution specific IP and tooling.

Finastra Managed Services

Built on market leading technology, extensive IP and accelerators, we offer a complete and flexible software-led managed services offering, designed to achieve zero-defect software.

Let's embark on your digital transformation journey together.

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