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Community Banks and Credit Unions:
We Have You Covered

A History of Technology, a Future of Innovation

With North American headquarters based in Lake Mary, Florida, Finastra has a solid and deep presence in community markets.

Our clients in the region benefit from dedicated employees located across the country to provide community banks and credit unions with innovative, proven financial software solutions. The region’s 4,200+ clients can be found far and wide, from Key West, Florida to Hobbs, New Mexico; Willards, Maryland to Honolulu, Hawaii; Fremont, Ohio to Fort Collins, Colorado; and everywhere in between.


Let's Talk

The financial industry thrives on open communication and the sharing of game-changing ideas and concepts that ultimately impact your organization, your employees, and your account holders. Topics that are important to you are important to us.

We aim to share ideas that will be beneficial for your community bank or credit union, and solutions that will make your business thrive.

The following themes are top of mind for financial leaders like you. Click on any to learn more.


Making Cents of Big Data

Making Cents of Big Data

Knowing data to make informed business decisions in real-time.

Into the Great Wide Open (Banking)

Into the Great Wide Open (Banking)

Creating a new frontier in financial technology.

Payments: Keeping Up with the World

Payments Keeping Up with the World

The evolving consumer demands of money movement.

The Home Field Advantage

Home Field Advantage

The balance between local values, personal relationships and digital experience.

Open for Business

Open For Business

Tapping into over 30 million businesses across the U.S.

Ahead of the Curve

Ahead of the Curve With Economic Trends

The impacts of economic trends on community focused financial institutions.

Tech Culture Upgrade

Tech Culture Upgrade

Technology is crucial for happy, productive employees.

Stress-free Compliance

Stress-free Compliance

Mastering regulatory changes and risk concerns for your organization.

Specialty Lending Edge

Specialty Banking Edge

Insights on the unique financial solution needs of growing industries.

Know More, Grow More

Know More, Grow More

Learn best practices from peers and understand big market trends.

The Inevitable Journey to the Cloud

The Inevitable Journey to the Cloud

Adapting cloud-based technologies now to remain relevant in the future.

Your Platform for the API Economy

Your Platform for the API Economy

FusionFabric.cloud is a gamechanger for community banks and credit unions.

Finastra User Connect 2019

October 8 – November 15, 2019

User Connect helps you get the most out of your Finastra solutions, and it is an excellent opportunity for you interact with Finastra experts and learn from your peers.


Solutions that Make Community Banks and Credit Unions Stand Out

Having products is not enough. Having solutions is what enables community banks and credit unions to achieve more. Finastra reaches across every part of your business, from lending and mortgages, to the core and back office, to on-the-go banking and accountholder-focused digital solutions.


Unlock Innovation
Open Collaboration

Finastra is changing the way modern banking software is built and distributed. Imagine being able to tap into unlimited technologies and resources. With FusionFabric.cloud, our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, we are championing collaboration and fostering innovation. We are opening up our systems so third parties can develop new applications. Finastra has evolved from packaged software to micro-services, open APIs and continuous delivery, made possible with platformification via open interfaces, standards and architecture.

FusionFabric.cloud – Unlock innovation with open collaboration and access an ecosystem of development partners to develop new services.

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The Digital Life
Anywhere Banking

Today, consumers want to access their finances whenever they want and wherever they are. They expect a banking experience similar to the rest of their digital lifestyle. To deliver this, banks and credit unions need to offer a highly personalized, relevant digital experience that is consistent across channels. Finastra’s retail digital solutions help financial institutions acquire and retain customers or members, leverage analytics to better understand accountholder behavior, and deliver timely revenue-generating campaigns.

Fusion Digital Banking, powered by Malauzai – Consistent, personalized consumer and business digital banking using any device

Fusion uOpen – Best-in-class self-service account opening and funding

Fusion Digital Front Office – Untethered account opening and servicing

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More in the Core
Modern and Intuitive

The banking core is the single most important technology investment a financial institution makes, yet most existing core banking systems were designed in the 1970s. Their ability to integrate with emerging technologies is restricted, and automation of processes is lacking in many cases. A modern core allows a community bank or credit union to differentiate themselves, capture market share and create operational efficiencies that make themselves more profitable and attractive to consumers. It reduces both costs and risks, improves innovation and accountholder satisfaction, and allows new products to get to market faster. A modern core sets the stage for the future.

Fusion Phoenix – The best enabled core for the platform world, built completely on Microsoft technology and designed to be intuitive and future-proof

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End-to-End Commercial Loan Origination
Automated and Compliant

Commercial borrowers today are interested in a simple and fast experience that allows them to have access to the funds they need to run and grow their businesses. Whether it is a farm, a technology company, a manufacturer or a restaurant, businesses need working capital to continue their daily operations. To successfully compete, today’s financial institutions need to be able to provide a lending experience that addresses these needs while providing the tools and automation solutions to help drive operational efficiency, manage compliance requirements and profitably grow their loan portfolio.

Fusion CreditQuest – A commercial loan origination solution

Fusion LaserPro – The industry-leading loan documentation management solution

Fusion Compliance Management – Federal and state compliance tracking

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Personal Loans Made Simple
Start to Finish

Today’s consumer lending marketplace is full of options from financial institutions, technology disruptors and big box retailers all seeking ways to win new customers. With online research, buyers can quickly identify lenders with the best rate that fits their expectations. By providing a simple personal or mortgage lending experience from application through final approval and funding, you can reduce the stress related to personal and mortgage lending for your customers and members.

Fusion DecisionPro – A consumer credit, underwriting and indirect application solution

Fusion LaserPro – The industry-leading loan documentation management solution

Fusion Compliance Management – Federal and state compliance tracking

Fusion MortgagebotPOS – Easy application with mobile enablement

Fusion MortgagebotLOS – Streamlined mortgage origination with automated compliance

Fusion Servicing Director – Mortgage servicing for the entire mortgage lifecycle

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Cashless Convenience
Self-Service Banking

The world and consumers are moving away from cash. Add to that the number of non-traditional payment platforms currently on the market. Community banks and credit unions have to grasp multiple technologies to meet the needs of the end user. Connected consumers are ready to make purchases anytime, anywhere. And they depend on their financial institutions to give them the tools to make and manage payments and transfer funds across any channel – in person, online, or via mobile. As technology evolves, these conveniences have become integral to people’s daily lives.

Fusion Card Payments – Build loyalty and meet accountholder’s ATM, debit and credit card payment needs.

Fusion DPXPay – Person-to-person and account-to-account transfers made simple

Fusion NetCapture Suite – A fully-flexible remote deposit capture platform that supports every capture experience

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Harness Data for Profitability
Discover Opportunities

When it comes to business analytics, where do you stand? The key to overcoming today’s challenges in financial services marketing is access to holistic information about your accountholder relationships, behaviors, propensities and performance. In fact, insight-driven marketing is the number one marketing trend for financial institutions. Now is the time for marketing to embrace consumer insights to be more relevant to individuals and audiences.

Fusion Analytics – Gather and aggregate current relationships, behaviors and lifestyle attributes to identify where opportunities for growth and profitability lie.

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Ensure Operational Excellence
Behind the Scenes

How a community bank or credit union functions behind-the-scenes is just as important as the accountholder-facing interactions. Day-to-day processes need to be easy for employees so they can provide exceptional service and resourcefulness in task completion. Having the correct systems in place allows your organization to be compliant, organized, and operationally efficient.

Fusion ECM – Reduce reliance on paper and decreasing shipping and storage costs

Item Processing – Convert data into an easy to use electronic format

Fusion ActiveView Teller Capture – Streamline transaction processing and electronic item capture

Fusion Encore – Transaction processing, sales, service and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in a single solution

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Hear from our Clients


For community banks and credit unions, cost structures and scale are much different than those of large financial institutions.

Community banks and credit unions have limited resources, so they need a partner that provides solutions to keep them competitive.

Even in rural markets, consumers are looking for the same digital banking experience that the “big banks” offer.


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