Season 3 - Navigating tomorrow - today

Modernizing for growth

Join Steven Moe, Head of Technology for the Lending Business Unit at Finastra, along with our key modernization partners, Microsoft and Neudesic, represented by Marc Bandel and Josh Scriven, as well as our client ING, represented by Bidisha Agarwal, as they delve deep into the process of modernization of the entire ecosystem.

Modernization involves moving away from outdated systems and leveraging various opportunities that come along the way, including automation and cloud technology. It’s not just about the technology itself; it’s also about how you interact with it, bringing people and skills along to modernize the entire ecosystem. The foundation of systems is just as important as future technologies, such as GenAI, which sits at the core of modernization.

In today’s episode, we explore multiple areas like datamesh, edge computing, and multi-cloud or hybrid system deployment. We also focus on the key drivers and challenges that come with modernization, which is a continuous and modular process. Partnerships, driven by the need for rapid change, accelerate modernization by integrating cutting-edge technology into banks’ systems and infrastructure.