Season 3 - Navigating tomorrow - today

Building the path towards sustainable finance

Watch Andy Mason, our Head of Strategic Accounts at Finastra, along with our partners Ian Laverty from TradeSun, Mark Azoulay from McKinsey, and our client First Abu Dhabi Bank represented by Anirudha Panse, as they explore the opportunities of sustainable finance, upcoming challenges and solutions of its rapid advent.

Join us exploring the fears of greenwashing and the greenhushing phenomena. We’ll delve into why the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) business is largely a data problem and examine how banks can leverage sustainable finance and prepare their systems for upcoming changes, particularly related to data and new regulations. We discuss what role cloud-based systems play in the technology adoption to meet the rapid growth of ESG services, as well as regional variations in ‘S’ (Social) and ‘G’ (Governance).