Season 3 - Navigating tomorrow - today

AI applications in practice

Technology is reshaping the world we live in, not to mention the banking ecosystem.

Join Michael Vrontamitis, Founding Partner of T3i Partner Network, along with Paul Galvin from Neudesic, Lewis Liu from Eigen Technologies, and Marc Smith from Conpend as they explore the industry trends that are going to shape the future of corporate banking and the impact of AI.

We'll dive in some of the use cases our invited speakers are seeing emerging within the corporate banking space, including the digitization of documents, the transformation of documents into structured data and the complete automation of compliance checking, including the commercial checks side. AI empowers your resources to work on high-value tasks rather than repetitive tasks that an automation tool can handle. So, while AI may displace some jobs, it will also create new opportunities that are much more rewarding for both employees and the business.

We discuss what is required for banks to scale using GenAI, including data governance and its variations around the world, such as EU's GDPR law, customer-specific data, guardrails, and use cases like generative memos, chatbots, or automated agent notice booking.

Form 9147 (Finastra TV - Enterprise)