Season 3 - Navigating tomorrow - today

The evolution of corporate lending

Digital data is the bedrock of our lending systems. Our external experts from S&P Global Market Intelligence and Genpact tackle critical data challenges faced by banks, from macroeconomics and supply chain bottlenecks to seamless omni-channel experiences and infrastructure resilience.

We examine data consumption, sharing, and accessibility, emphasizing how we aggregate and display data to our customers. Standard identifiers play a pivotal role, enabling communication, transparency, and streamlined data access. MIA, entity identifies, facility identifiers are essential not only to facilitate communication, but for the broader market to access and consume data seamlessly without any manual intervention required. However, maintaining accurate data remains a challenge.

Looking ahead of the journey, data quality, accessibility, and automation are key steps toward shared success. GenAI promises quick wins. And let’s not forget the ‘Buy vs. Build’ and the merits and drawbacks of the two in terms of functionality, time-to-bring to market, connectivity and historical context in corporate lending.

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