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  • Margaret Franco, Chief Marketing Officer, Finastra
  • Wissam Khoury, SVP and General Manager of International, Finastra

Keynote: Accelerating Growth in the New World

As global economies and sentiment begin to edge upwards, institutions have emerged in a stronger position than analysts and economists first anticipated. But, with every crisis leading to an inevitable uptick in innovation, is the world they are reentering the same as it was, pre-pandemic? Join Eric Duffaut as he discusses what’s changed in financial services, and how to leverage the changes to ignite growth.

  • Eric Duffaut, President and Global Head of Customer Operations, Finastra

Banking as a Service: The $7 Trillion Opportunity

Banking as a Service (BaaS) is set to rock financial services more than any other disruptive force seen this decade. BaaS providers, embedders and orchestrators debate on the importance and impact of BaaS on financial services. Who is leading the charge? What are the steps to play and win? How will you survive and thrive?

  • Margaret Franco, Chief Marketing Officer, Finastra (moderator)
  • Angus Ross, SVP, CRO BaaS, Finastra
  • Mark Williamson, Managing Director, GFX eRisk, Partnerships & Propositions, Markets & Security Services, HSBC Bank
  • Jeannette Kescenovitz, Sr Director, Solution Management, BaaS & Orchestration, Finastra
  • Ritesh Agarwal, Partner, McKinsey

Banking as a Service: Technology as an Enabler

Technology is the facilitator of unbundled financial services, it will open the door for financial institutions to enter the BaaS realm. Andrew’s tech talk will discuss questions about tech stacks, data and partnerships to be successful. You’ll also see a demo showcasing Finastra’s new BaaS solutions.

  • Andrew Dawson, Chief Operating Officer, BaaS, Data & Platform, Finastra

A greener cloud: Aligning your ESG strategy to sustainable technologies

The ever-present risks from climate change have made sustainability a key topic for financial institutions. Companies have historically driven financial, security, and agility benefits through the cloud, but there is a clear ESG benefit to taking a cloud first approach as well. How can financial institutions accelerate their ESG performance through cloud and managed services, and which delivery models can they implement to leverage on their journey to net zero?

  • Joerg Klueckmann, VP Marketing, Finastra (moderator)
  • Neil Budd, VP FMS, Finastra
  • Jay Mukhey, Senior Director ESG, Finastra
  • Natalie Pullin, Sustainability Specialist EMEA, Microsoft

The opportunity and beyond – closing


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Orchestrating lending in 2022: growth-hack

To meet the needs of clients, banks require the ability to support multi-product origination with flexible workflow and customization capabilities, digitization through the lending lifecycle, the ability to manage complex borrower/deal structures, transparency throughout the application process and functionality to support the credit functions.

The way forward is end-to-end lending, connecting and integrating the entire corporate loan process from loan origination through decisioning to servicing. All, seamlessly integrated.

  • James Mellor, Global Lending Solution Lead, Finastra (Moderator)
  • Robert Downs, Global Head of Corporate and Syndicated Lending, Finastra
  • Luca Feller, VP – Lending & Advisory Process Excellence, Unicredit
  • Nicolas Martinez, CIO, Lending & ESG, Santander CIB

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Payments and the Partner Ecosystem

The world of payments has been changing a lot during the past years. Instant payments, digital assets, crypto, CBDC – what does this mean for banks? Join the panel discussion and learn more about the power of an ecosystem.

  • Jayaprakash Kavala, Chief Product Officer, Clari5
  • Karthik Ganesan, Strategic Sales EMEA, Hexaware
  • Chetan Parekh, Financial Services Head UK & Europe, Mindtree
  • Paul Thomalla, Head of Payments, Finastra

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Digital Treasury: Easier said than done. Until now.

Banks need to rely on systems in order to automate their business. Operational risk, scale and cost will not allow you to grow unless you automate and digitize. However, having systems come with many issues.

On premises, large and complicated software packages can become a huge burden to banks, new functionality painful to implement, each $1 spent on a software license can mean another $10 to $20 spent to run and operate it. Meanwhile digital banks, without the handicap of the old, are very quick to market.

In this session we will see how Finastra is leading the way on simplifying the architecture at financial institutions by bringing to life the “as a service” play. We will cover how Risk as a Service, Collateral as a Service and Regulatory Reporting as a Service can get you close, and faster, to having Treasury as a Service.

  • Pedro Porfirio, Global Head of Treasury, Capital Markets & Risk, Finastra
  • Simon Millington, Head of Business Development, CloudMargin
  • Pradeep Bhaganna, Senior Principal Consultant, ITC Infotech

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Journey to the Cloud and associated Regulatory implications

The session will discuss core banking migration to the cloud and related regulatory implications with our guest panel. They will also discuss the benefits of a platform-based ecosystem that can help drive digital innovation and customer engagement.

  • Mary Connor, Retail Banking Specialist, Finastra
  • Christopher Weddell, Senior Director, Solution Consulting
  • Clive Bowles, Principal Consultant, Fairmont

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Let’s get back to the future: liquidity management

With many banks having had to accelerate their digitalisation journeys to support operational change over the last two years, is it now time to once again look ahead and see what the future can bring? We discuss where banks are on their journey to normalise the new, how they can enhance their cash and liquidity services and ask whether being a collaborator takes on a whole new meaning in an open world.

  • Vanessa Manning, Head of Transaction Banking EMEA, MUFG
  • Joost Bergen, Founder, Cash Dynamics
  • Tim Tyler, Senior Principal, Solutions Consulting, Finastra

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Cross border payments

Payments has changed in the last couple of years. During this discussion with Clear Bank and Visa, our panellists will look at what has happened in the field of cross border payments and what the future will bring. Cost and speed, transparency and data, fraud and security and even more importantly blockchain based transactions (crypto vs CBDC).

  • Anders Olofsson, Head of Payments, Finastra
  • Nida Sattar, International Payments Product Lead, ClearBank
  • Valli Ardalan, Global Head of Revenue & Sales, Visa Direct

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Redefining Finance for Good: The Journey to Financial Empowerment

Finastra recently published a unique ethnographic study into people’s relationship with their finances. We spoke to a wide range of consumers to understand what “financial empowerment” means to them and how they might achieve it.

Our research revealed the roles that different types of financial institutions play in helping consumers understand their money and make the most of it.

In this session we’ll go through the research finding in more detail and highlight how technology can play a crucial role in helping people feel in control of their money.

  • Paula Zuccotti, designer, ethnographer, trends forecaster and visual artist

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Balance sheet optimization: using innovation at the heart of your organization

Although the size and complexity vary between local and global financial institutions, the balance sheet and its performance remain at the heart of every financial institution.

Yet, due to its complexity and ever-increasing number of influencing factors, balance sheet management is still largely manual, with its performance driven by intuition and experience of the management.

Fortunately, the latest advances in (cloud) computing and machine learning make it possible to crack the complicated optimization problems within a reasonable period of time.

In this session you will learn how banks can use innovative technologies and AI to optimize their balance sheets and make the best decisions for both, their customers and the bank’s bottom line.

  • Nitin Iyer, Solution Consulting, Finastra
  • Roni Saroniemi, Head of Business Development, Detech
  • Mariusz Podsiadlo, Global Principal, Head of Risk, Finastra


Fintech Showcase

eflow, Clari5, VeriPark and Salt Edge take the stage to showcase their innovative applications built on Finastra’s open platform – see their exclusive presentations to find out how their apps can enhance your solutions today.

eflow is a leading provider of workflow and regulatory software within the financial markets. Established in 2004, the company has developed, sold and supported an existing Technology platform that has proven market pedigree.

  • Douglas Moffat, Business Development Director, eflow Global

Clari5 is a next-gen enterprise platform for real-time intelligence, using the best of technology for the most cost effective real-time intelligent solutions for financial institutions in the financial crime risk management domain.

  • Ian Morris, Senior Adviser - Growth Strategy, Clari5

VeriPark is a global solutions provider, enabling financial institutions to become digital leaders with it’s Intelligent Customer Experience suite, working collaboratively with clients to develop innovative technology strategies and solutions.

  • Selim Hasan, Sales Director, UKI & Canada, VeriPark
  • Stephen Such, Digital Advisor & Solution Architect, VeriPark

Salt Edge
Salt Edge specialises in building open banking API solutions that empower businesses from all over the world to create smart services for their customers based on access to bank data and payment initiation capabilities.

  • Lisa Gutu, COO, Salt Edge

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