Season 1 - Finastra Forum Treasury & Capital Markets

Digital Treasury (Asia Pacific)

Banks need to rely on systems in order to automate their business. Operational risk, scale and cost will not allow you to grow unless you automate and digitize. However, having systems come with many issues.

On premises, large and complicated software packages can become a huge burden to banks, new functionality painful to implement, each $1 spent on a software license can mean another $10 to $20 spent to run and operate it. Meanwhile digital banks, without the handicap of the old, are very quick to market.

In this session, Pedro Porfirio, Global Head of Treasury, Capital Markets & Risk, will demonstrate how Finastra is leading the way on simplifying the architecture at financial institutions by bringing to life the “as a service” play. Pedro will join Justin Taylor from Vector Risk, Chris Rojekfrom Finastra, and Ihyeeddine Elfeki from DXC to cover how Risk as a Service, Collateral as a Service and Regulatory Reporting as a Service can get you close, and faster, to having Treasury as a Service.